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Customers in a second town have begun to receive grocery deliveries from robots. Eight Co-op stores in Milton Keynes already use the autonomous vehicles in partnership with Starship Technologies. The initiative will now serve about 5,000 households in Northampton with contactless deliveries. Chris

Millions of retirees will see the future value of their pension cut owing to a planned change in the way payments are calculated from 2030. Many of those with so-called defined benefit workplace pensions see their pension payments increase each year

A Christmas shop that was ordered to close due to lockdown restrictions has been allowed to reopen. Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) served a prohibition order on Christmas Wonderland in Tavern Street, arguing it did not sell enough “essential” items. But it has

Restaurants, cafes and pubs claimed more than £849m through the government’s month-long “eat out to help out” scheme, as diners bought more than 160m discounted meals in August. More than 49,000 businesses had made a claim for the government subsidy by

No matter what country you look at, you can be sure that they have faced a dramatic disruption in their economy due to Covid-19. This is true in the United Kingdom as well. The pandemic has been crippling, not only taking

All businesses need to have a keen idea of their branding. This is a crucial part of ensuring that they know how to best stand out amongst the others in their industry. Let’s take a look at why branding is so

After incorporating a business in Hong Kong, you will need to do one more very important thing; registering it with the Business Registration Office and getting a Business Registration Certificate. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) requires you to display the certificate

Across the US, the country’s broken financial system is pushing people to seek out alternatives. As the economy struggles with the impacts of COVID-19, traditional banks are failing to meet the needs of consumers—many groups, including racial minorities, face discrimination in

More than 95,000 newly incorporated business could join the quarter of a million firms that failed to meet recent Companies House accounts deadlines this year, following a record boom in new business registrations. According to official government figures there were 397,135

Netflix will boost its spend on making TV shows in the UK to $1bn (£750m) this year as the streaming giant maintains the breakneck pace of its production pipeline despite the coronavirus pandemic. Netflix, which makes shows such as The Crown

Rishi Sunak says the spending review comes as the coronavirus health emergency is not over and the economic emergency has only just begun. Sunak said he will prioritise jobs, businesses and public services, the chancellor says the government is spending £280bn to

Let’s face it, Black Friday 2020 is set to be like no other and with the majority of the planet having no choice but to head online to hunt for bargains, those in-store fights we’ve seen in previous years are