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The House antitrust committee released a 449-page report Tuesday, outlining its investigation into potential anti-competitive practices by Big Tech companies including Amazon. The report contains an account from a representative of an unnamed startup who said Amazon's multibillion-dollar cloud business lured

As the economic recovery continues, many firms can expect to see return on equity (ROE) growth over the next twelve months. Accordingly, Goldman Sachs' equity strategists updated their ROE Growth basket to pinpoint companies with the highest profit growth expectations.

Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller tested positive for COVID-19 - Business Insider

President Donald Trump's use of Regeneron Pharmaceutical's experimental monoclonal antibody treatment puts the company in "a very tough situation," CEO Leonard Schleifer says. The US President was given an 8 gram injection of Regeneron's drug over the weekend under the FDA's

The most important legal battle in technology will finally go before the US Supreme Court where Oracle and Google in a landmark patent infringement case. The case is based on Oracle's claim that Google stole key parts of its Java technology

President Donald Trump told White House negotiators to table stimulus talks until after the election. The acting director of the Domestic Policy Council, Brooke Rollins, told Insider in an exclusive interview that state funding was the biggest area of disagreement. "I

The pandemic hits the advertising account review - Business Insider

QR codes are making a comeback in the pandemic era, adopted by bars and restaurants and in marketing, retail, technology and payments. Burger King, CVS, L'Oreal, 1-800-Flowers, and Walmart are among brands that have used QR codes in marketing or

You can cancel your Hulu subscription from your iPhone's Settings app, but only if you originally signed up for Hulu through the iPhone app. To cancel your Hulu subscription, you'll need to open your iPhone's Apple ID menu and select the

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President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the coronavirus was "far less lethal" than the flu in most populations, adding that "sometimes over 100,000" people die from the flu. Both claims are false: The most Americans who have ever died from

During lockdown, many wealthy Americans saw little impact on their incomes. At the same time, their outgoings cratered: Galas and charity events were canceled and vacations nixed. As a result, some high-end industries -- think perfumes, fine wines, and jewelry -- have